Features Home Buyers Are Willing To Pay More For

In spite of the large number of homes for sale at any given time, home buyers often find it necessary to purchase a home that is lacking in at least some of the features they want. Staying within their budget usually requires them to make sacrifices. For others, spending thousands of dollars more to get a house with certain features is thought to be worth the extra money. Many of these desirable features are in the kitchen. For a large number of the buyers looking at homes for sale on the market, the kitchen is an important focal place. A kitchen with an island or with modern stainless steel appliances makes a home work paying more in their view.


The Importance of the Kitchen

In a way, the kitchen has become the status symbol of the house. People have taken on a greater interest in preparing gourmet or healthy foods instead of relying on the fastest food preparation to get them through the day. They want a kitchen that is more luxurious to accommodate their need for a gathering place that is as comfortable as it is convenient.

Other Desirable Features

The kitchen isn’t the only area of the home that matters to buyers. These are some of the most important features that many are Scottsdale Homes For Salewilling to pay extra for both inside and outside the kitchen:

•    Central Air

•    New Kitchen Appliances

•    1 Walk-Closet

•    Granite Countertops

•    Hardwood Floors

•    Ensuite Master Bath

•    Newer Model Home

•    At Least 1 Fireplace

Age Influences the Buying Decision

Buyers of different ages are drawn to certain homes for different reasons. Young couples who are looking to buy starter homes are more interested in the finances surrounding their first real estate purchase than they are about the features of the home itself. Couples that are older and who already have kids look at their home differently. They want a house that has an impact on their lifestyle and provides a greater deal of personalization for their living style. They look at the homes for sale on the market that have specific features as well as considering their investment in the real estate for the future.

Setting the Limit

Although some people ae willing to pay a higher price for a home that has certain features, particularly those they want in a kitchen, there is a limit to how high they are willing to go. While getting the features they want becomes more important as they get older, home buyers still realize the importance of staying within a reasonable budget and the necessity of sacrificing some features to get others. For example, finding a neighborhood where there are good schools for their kids will take priority over getting a walk-in closet. If there happens to be one of the homes for sale that offers both at a reasonably higher price, they are likely to pay the difference to get both.

One thing to keep in mind when looking at homes for sale that meet your criteria is that although many people are agreeable to paying more for a home with certain features, the amount they are willing to pay is often below what that feature would cost. Consider the value of the features you want to help guide your decision.