The Importance Of Community On Living Happy And Healthy

Most people who are looking at homes in search of the perfect place to live start by looking at the features of the home first. In addition to the number of square feet, they want to know how many bedrooms and bathrooms there are and what special features set one home apart from the rest. Those looking at luxury homes might expect more grandiose features such as whether the home is a waterfront property, offers splendid views, or has close proximity to a golf course. Even when luxury homes are not the only home a person owns or even their primary residence, the community where it is located should be a consideration for the buyer.

Luxury homes are those with a value of $1 million or greater. The luxury communities are typically made up of people who lead similar lifestyles and may have a single interest in common. A good example is a golf community which is made up of individuals, Scottsdale Luxury Real Estatecouples and families living in luxury homes and who all have a common interest in golf. In addition to a shared passion for golf, the people who reside in these communities are also likely to share in a number of other interests and beliefs.

Too often, people look at the house they will live in without considering the community as a whole. For many, the shift to internet communities has taken the place of real communities as a resource for social interaction and entertainment. Not only does building a sense of community add to your enjoyment of living in your new home, it can also have a positive impact on your health.¹ While the positive impact of community participation has long been known for those in middle and low income areas, the shared interests and sense of belonging that comes from living in a community centered around a common point of interest can be inductive to a healthier, happier way of life.

Finding your perfect dream home is about more than getting the splendid architecture, modern amenities and beautiful scenery that exists among many of the luxury homes today. It is about finding all those things within a community where you can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in an exclusive community that shares the same passion, beliefs, and attitudes that you do. offers luxury homes in more than thirty-five gorgeous communities in Scottsdale, AZ. They help their clients find the perfect luxury home within a luxury golf community that has some of the most spectacular scenery and unique golf courses in the world. They are also known for their legendary client block parties where your neighbors and peers will spend time enjoying the incredible setting that will feel like home to you. Year round golfing on world class golf courses give you more options for full time living or seasonal use of your Phoenix, AZ luxury home. The Hermann Team from My Scottsdale Home Sales can help you find the perfect community and the perfect dream home from their large selection of Scottsdale luxury homes.