Why Arizona Might Be The Best State For Retirement

Retiring in Arizona isn’t a new idea but it is one that continues to gain in popularity. The sun, a good economy, and no taxes on your social security check are some good benefits but there are more. There are also beautiful golf homes where you can retire and enjoy your golden years doing what you love best every day. These are some of the reasons that Arizona is such a popular retirement destination and one that you might want to make your home.


1.    The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show – This annual event began in the city of Scottsdale over half a century ago. Today, it features more than 2,000 of the most beautiful Arabian horses in the worlds.

2.    The Weather – There is lots of sunshine and minimal rainfall for all seasons. Low humidity, sunny days, and cool nights are the Scottsdale Golf Homesidea setting for taking advantage of golf homes in the beautiful comfort of your back yard.

3.    A Variety of Community Styles – Enjoy the type of community that you want to live in. Phoenix has a lot to offer for entertainment while Scottsdale is perfect for resort-style living. Sedona offers a peaceful and scenic atmosphere while Flagstaff offers lower temperatures outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate.

4.    Scottsdale Culinary Festival – This event attracts more than 35,000 visitors to its annual six-day celebration which features all types of restaurants, gourmet food, fine wines, celebrity chefs and more.

5.    Arizona is known for its desert golf courses with more than 70 highly ranked courses available to the public. There are also lots of golf homes that put you close to the action.

6.    Allergy-Free – The climate and dry air offer a relief to allergy sufferers and those with asthma.

7.    The Sonoran Hot Dog – Unique to Arizona, this authentic version of a hot dog wrapped in bacon before being placed in a crusty white bun and layered with pinto beans, onions, chopped tomatoes, mustard and mayo is a culinary treat to visitors and residents of the state alike.

8.    Tucson Folk Festival – Not only a leading event in Arizona, but also one for the country. Each year, over 10,000 folk music lovers come together to enjoy over 20 hours of live bluegrass music, old country, Irish and western music for free.

9.    Affordable Housing – Not only do houses cost less to purchase or rent in the state, you can expect to spend a lot less on heating bills.

10.    The Wildlife – Nothing compares to having all types of wildlife right in your backyard.

What better place to retire than in the state that attracts millions of golf enthusiasts to its desert golf courses while also having so many fun and exciting things to do year around? Choose from one of the lovely golf homes for your retirement and have a better retirement that is as fun as it is affordable.